Fraser Vaselakos & Associates



Dr. M. Denise Fraser Vaselakos and Dr. W. Douglas Vaselakos are experienced and trained in separation & divorce coaching and mediation. As impartial professionals they are able to set respectful ground rules, listen to the needs of both parties, facilitate productive and focused problem solving, and when children are involved, help the couple move through the separation process with minimal stress on their children.

During this time couples may want to explore the possibility of repairing the marriage through couples therapy or workshops designed for helping couples. Or one or both of the couple may have already decided to begin preparing for a divorce situation.

Through this time, separation coaching focuses on how to listen to each others’ practical needs, set respectful guidelines for discussion, provide a safe environment to discuss those needs, make referrals for therapy where needed, and limit stress to the couple’s children if there are children involved in this process. Couples who are separated and who engage in mediation often feel the financial and parenting decisions they reach are more satisfying and more durable over time. They may find themselves turning to mediation in the future should they couple decide to divorce.

Mediation may further enhance a couple’s ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, and problem-solve independently, which strengthens their ability to co-parent their children regardless of their decision to repair the relationship or to divorce.