Fraser Vaselakos & Associates


with Traditional Divorce or Collaborative Divorce

Dr. M. Denise Fraser Vaselakos and Dr. W. Douglas Vaselakos are experienced and trained in divorce coaching and mediation. As impartial professionals, they are able to set respectful ground rules, listen to the needs of both parties, facilitate productive and focused problem solving, and when children are involved, help the couple move through the divorce process with minimal stress on their children.

TRADITIONAL DIVORCE approach involves each spouse hiring an attorney, and then through litigation presenting one’s case in the court system in front of a judge. Often this process takes about 2-3 years to complete depending on the parties willingness to resolve issues and the court schedules. Traditional divorce coaching or mediation is designed to help resolve impasses related to parenting issues, visitation, and other impasses. The coaching or mediation is designed to help the individuals move through this traditional process with less distress and in a more expedient manner.

COLLABORATIVE LAW DIVORCE offers a process that is voluntary, self-determined, confidential, and private, functioning outside of the court system. Couples and divorced co-parents who engage in collaborative law coaching or mediation often feel the financial and parenting decisions they reach are more satisfying and more durable over time. They may find themselves turning to mediation in the future if needed, instead of pursuing contentious litigation. Mediation may further enhance a couple’s ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, and problem-solve independently, which strengthens their ability to co-parent their children.

Unfortunately in our society between 40% and 50% of all first marriages end in divorce and 60% to 65% of all second marriages end in divorce. The divorce process is often a devastating experience for all involved. Often communication breaks down completely, the process moves painfully slow, financial security is threatened, health suffers, depression increases, children become hurt and confused, and living conditions become compromised.

Often for the first time in a person’s life their future seems out of their control and in the hands of attorneys and judges. And while they are feeling most vulnerable and anxious and depressed they are asked to make decisions that will effect their lives and the lives of their children for years to come. Coaching and mediation can make this time less lethal, more respectful and give control back to the individuals.