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Mrs. Michelle Krepps, LCSW, MSW, MBA

Fellow, University of Chicago, SSA, Advanced Psychodynamic Clinical Practice
Aurora University, MSW, and Type 73 School Social Work Certification
Webster University, MBA
Illinois State University, BS

   Mrs. Michelle Krepps is a licensed clinical social worker with 10 years experience in providing helpful counseling to children, adolescents, families, women, and adults of all ages in various settings including schools and private practice. Mrs. Krepps has previous experiences working in healthcare administration, teaching and insurance environments.

   "I like to focus on the whole person, which includes the physical, psychological, and spiritual. In the work that we do together, we can explore the ways that life can be improved and understood in a relative context. I like to customize our therapeutic work together so that the most can be gained towards your goal of living a more satisfying life. I utilize primarily a psychodynamic approach with cognitive behavioral techniques and a pragmatic use of current psychological methods and tools."

The following are examples of some of the services and concerns Mrs. Michelle Krepps specializes in:

* Psychotherapy
* Social Skill formation and educational difficulties
* Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
* Long-term, supportive interpersonal therapy
* Difficulties with adjustment and grief
* Mood Disorders
* Dealing with illness and injury
* Relaxation training
* Divorce and adjustment with blended families
* Martial Counseling