Fraser Vaselakos & Associates



 The clinicians at Fraser Vaselakos & Associates strive to work collaboratively with every patient who comes to us for therapy. Our goal is to do comprehensive therapy, a therapeutic intervention that is long lasting, not just a “quick fix.” We take the time we need to hear each patient’s concerns that he or she brings to this process, to work together with specific goals in mind, to empower each patient, to give hope, and to highlight and build on the patient’s strengths, knowledge and willingness to change.

Some patients come into therapy to heal deep wounds. Others come to therapy to strengthen relationships and marriages, to work on parenting issues, to address stressful work settings, or to build healthier relationships with adult children or friends. Many patients come into therapy to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their lives and future goals, others come to address an unexpected event in their lives (divorce, death, loss of job, affairs, career changes).

While our therapeutic process generates options and solutions for change, the power and final choices are entirely our patient’s decision. Each of us as individuals are responsible for our own lives, the choices we make, and the paths we choose. Our job as therapists is to walk alongside our patients and to help them build healthier coping strategies that allow for positive changes to occur in their lives. We are constantly awed by our patient’s capacity to create that profound and positive change in their lives resulting in a satisfying and content life.

We know coming into therapy may be a difficult decision to make and a serious commitment. We know that the only way to make a change is to change. Our clinicians are here to make this process understandable and effective, to help you make that change necessary for you to live a better life in your own timing.