Fraser VAselakos & Associates



Clinical & Therapeutic Services
Individual Counseling for Adolescents & Adults
Relationship Therapy
Marital Therapy
Pre-Marital Therapy
Grief and Loss Therapy
Pain Management
Art Therapy
Play Therapy
Relaxation and Mindfulness
Early assessment and intervention to prevent future difficulties
Individual Therapy for Children and Teens
Divorce Coaching & Mediation
Parental Coaching & Mediation
Business Coaching & Mediation

Presenting Issues
Abuse Survivors
Adoption Issues
Adolescent Underachievement
ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholic Family)
Adult Children – the returning adult/relationships with adult children
Anxiety Disorder
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Bipolar Disorder
Caregiving Stress
Childhood/Parenting Issues
Chronic Pain Management
Chronic Illness
Divorce Issues
Eating Disorders
Family with child diagnosed with learning disability, autism, ADHD
Family with child diagnosed with chronic health issue (cancer, CP, brain injuries)
Grief and Loss of partner, spouse, child, miscarriage
Health Issues (Cancer, MS, Acute or chronic health issues)
Life Changes - Transitions (Career, Divorce, Health)
Parental Alienation
Parenting Issues
Pain Management
Relaxation Training
Self Esteem
Trauma (Sexual abuse, rape, relationship abuse)
Young Adults

Separation & Divorce
Collaborative Divorce Coaching
Pre-and Post Divorce Coaching
Parenting Coaching
Family and Divorce Mediation
Parental Mediation
Divorce Mediation
Business Mediation

Loss of Pet
Pet with chronic illness
Death of pet
Individual & Family therapy related to loss
Workshops for veterinarians and staff related to dealing with patients and loss
Workshops for pet related business and services to deal with pet loss