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Hello to everyone from my home - where the walls are starting to close in!

By Ms. Michelle Krepps, LCSW

I know this is a frustrating and anxiety producing time for everyone and I want to encourage us all with this statement - THIS WILL END.

 Yes, it will end sometime soon I pray - maybe not soon enough, but in the mean time I want to reassure you that the anxiety you are feeling is 100% normal!

We are all going through this together! Please feel free to reach out as I am working from home doing tele-health phone sessions during my regular hours Tuesdays-Thursdays 10-5.

Hang in there - we can do this. I am too looking forward to going back to life as we knew it, but in the mean time I welcome you to leave me a message and I will get back to you.

Keep washing those hands and keeping your social distance as requested by the CDC. I know I will see you all soon.

God Bless!  


Ms. Michelle Krepps, LCSW


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