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Ms. Rebecca Vacco-Giudice, LCSW

 Ms. Rebecca Vacco-Giudice, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with a focus on pediatric and family counseling, individual therapy with men and women and adolescents.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    "I am a licensed clinical social worker with a focus on pediatric and family counseling. Because of the strong relationship between psychological and physical well-being, one of my areas of expertise lies in helping children, teens, and families cope with acute and chronic disease."
    "I have experience working with children, teens, and adults coping with a variety of diseases and disabilities including: pediatric and adults cancers, pediatric cystic fibrosis, developmental disabilities, maternal-fetal issues, women’s health issues, organ transplant, spinal cord injuries and more. My comprehensive approach incorporates the patient, the parents, school, and the medical team."
    "In addition to having a special interest and expertise in pediatric counseling, I work compassionately and effectively with children, adolescents and adults coping with various concerns and diagnoses. Those diagnoses may include pain management, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship issues, ACOA, ADHD, grief, life changes (career, divorce), and relationship issues."
    "I practice cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, play therapy and family systems approaches. These therapeutic tools provides me with the solid training and experience to create a custom therapeutic plan for each individual or family entering the therapeutic process. My therapeutic goal is to develop a working plan that will alleviate the presenting issues and build healthier coping strategies for the adult, child, adolescent, or family."

Professional Associations:
Cure it Foundation

The following are examples of some of the services and concerns Ms. Vacco-Giudice specializes in:

•Short term, solution-focused therapy
•Cognitive-behavioral therapy
•Play therapy
•Long term, supportive, and interpersonal therapy
•Individual, family, and group modalities
•Aid with social skills and peer issues
•Anxiety and Depression

Chronic and Acute Illness
•Difficulties in adjustment/coping
•Psychological support for patients, parents, and siblings
•Early assessment and intervention to prevent future difficulties
•Assessment for mood and/or adjustment disorders

Behavior Management
•Refusal to comply with medical regimens
•Difficulty with daily tasks at home
•School refusal and difficulties
•Developmental concerns
•Creation and implementation of behavior management plans

Pain and Anxiety Management
•Relaxation training
•Guided imageryife changes (career, divorce), eating disorders, chronic health diagnoses (MS, Arthritis, Alzheimer), cancer patients, and family issues."